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Wyling Cambrium has been deeply involved in personal and planetary transformation, transitioning one modality to another, always searching for a better way to help people and the planet. When he discovered and experienced feng shui he realized how powerful it was and became trained as a practitioner. However there was a catch... feng shui has a steep learning curve, so steep that many newcomers make mistakes which turn the chi (vital unseen life force energy) against them. Even if they do it right, it is exacting, time consuming and in the end expensive if done well.

In 1999 he developed a new easier way. Instead of having his clients do feng shui the old way, he energizes certain natural crystals to hold the chi that a multitude of feng shui cures contain. Clients just put the crystals in their homes and doorway, window, lot placement, room shape, furniture placement and a multitude of other problems are resolved. It's quick, easy and painless!

Because everyone should be able to have good chi in their homes, discounts are given to those who can't afford the full price or time payments.

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Wyling Cambrium
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