Wyling.com and Whyling.com Are For Sale

Is it time to create a dynamic new brand or reinvigorate an existing one?

Are you looking for a
  • Bold
  • Catchy
  • Premium 6-letter
  • Trademarkable
  • Dot Com (.com) URL

This one has it ALL! Wyling is a trademarkable, short, modern, catchy, potentially youth-oriented term and is now available for sale. The sale also includes Whyling.com, the most common misspelling. Many URL's that are this short and have such a nice ring to them sell for six and even seven figures and this unique pair could probably fetch similar prices if they were marketed and developed for a few months.

My name is Wyling and I bought these URLs many years ago to create a web presence. That project never got off the ground. I'm pricing the pair to sell quickly. This will give someone the opportunity to develop this rare name combo. It's a win-win situation--you get a great deal and my current projects get some extra funding. But the key is to act Now! If any of the other revenue streams I'm pursuing comes through, the price of these domains will go up, probably by a factor of 10 or more.

Wyling has been defined by the urbandictionary.com as doing something wild, outrageous or dumb, but since it's not yet in widespread common use, it's completely open to being redefined by the right marketing campaign. Searching Google just a few hundred results in, many are misspellings, random use or people's names. Wyling.com is clearly ripe for branding. Set your Google preferences for 100 results per page and take a look.

The main criteria for pricing domains are:
  • Dot Com Is King! So any prime .com URL is priced accordingly. Most other extensions (including .biz and .net) are worth much less. Their lower prices reflect their lower value.
  • One concise word (real or coined) is the best.
  • Is the name catchy and does it have a nice ring to it? Catchy enough that you can see it as a national or international brand? The giant panda, Ling-Ling, created a nice sensation when she was given to the US by China as a friendship gesture.
  • Is it easy to remember, pronounce, and spell?
  • If a spelling mistake is likely, are the common misspellings included? If not, how much will it cost to buy them?
  • Is there a brand which might be confused with it?

How does wyling.com measure up by these and other important standards you have?

Finally, we have what are perhaps the most important factors: Some fun, excitement and intrigue

A bit of whimsy and the unknown with perhaps some spice is nice. Think of most of the BIG names on the web: Google, Facebook, Youtube, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo and many others. They aren't initials, names, or even logical representations of what the sell. Skype has changed communications and Apple is changing computers. Times have changed and it's imperative to keep up with them! IBM, HP, and Barnes & Noble are all old-timey style names of old-timey style companies--companies that are often struggling to keep up with these dynamic times. To get a clearer picture of names that turned out to be great URLs, you may want to visit Google's list of the top 1000 web sites in the world by traffic volume.

Toll Free Numbers
These are perfect to reinforce your brand name and are readily available for both wyling and whyling.

No major web presences start with W, though everyone knows www so the connection will be immediate and positive.

These names have never been developed so they will be fresh for your unique use and audience.

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Please call 928-525-9680 (US Mountain Time) or e-mail wyling@lifechi.com

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